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unable to access local controller from WLAN


2x 7210 master controllers

2x 7210 local controllers

aruba 225 AP's



I upgraded all controllers from 6.3.x.x-fips to

After the upgrade i was unable to access the primary local controller from my wireless mangement network. However, I can access both masters and my standby controller.


What i know:

-I can not ping/web/ssh to the primary local controller, but i can ping/web/ssh all other controllers.

-All AP's are up and operational on the primary local controller.

-any wired device can access all controllers

-doesnt matter what VLAN or SSID/VAP profile i connect to, same result.

-User role is authenticated

-My controller setup is pretty basic, you can safely assume most settings are default

-i have not added any ACL's

-statefull firewall settings are all default, or disabled


I know managing a wireless network wirelessly is a pretty bad idea... but i use it alot for monitoring on my tablet when im out and about away from my desk. 


what im wondering is if in the new OS i upgraded to, for security reasons it blocks someone from managing that device when they are connected through that controller. which would explain why i can reach the other local contoller my ap is not connected to, and the masters, but not the primary my AP's are associated with.


Either way, whether its a security feature or a bad setting somewhere, I would love to be able to manage that controller from the WLAN again.


Thanks for your help.











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Re: unable to access local controller from WLAN

Is the controller in question in the same subnet as the other controllers? Is it possibly at a remote site that is not routable with the wireless network?

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Re: unable to access local controller from WLAN

All Controllers are local.

All local controllers are on vlan 10

all master controllers are on vlan 20

the local controllers cannot ping any wireless clients on any vlan.

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