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upgrade from to 6.1.35

Has anyone have any issues with going from to 6.1.35? I will be doing the upgrade in 2 weeks. I just wanted to make sure of an known issues.

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Re: upgrade from to 6.1.35

I have run into a problem where using a local file never completes the upgrade.


The solution that I have found is to do a 2 step upgrade using TFTP or FTP.  First upgrade to 6.0.x then from there to 6.1.3.x


That does the trick for me

Jeremy R. Wirtz
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Re: upgrade from to 6.1.35

upgrading via ftp seems to have more long term succes then via the browser for me.


your version just falls in the section that should go to 6.x in one step, but perhaps via latest 5 is safer. do you have any chance to test it?


and remember about controll plane security

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