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vMM can't boot up anymore

Hello Team, 

I have an Aruba virtualized environment running on ESXi vsphere 6.5,

today i moved 4 VMs (vMM1, vMM2, vMC1,vMC2) from a datastore to another, all VMs booted up after transfer completed except vMM1, 

it shows the following message 

"The system is halted, You may turn off power or power cycle"


any quick resolution? or it needs to be addressed to TAC ?

hopefully I have vMM2, so i think everything is under control, 

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Re: vMM can't boot up anymore

Do you have three virtual NIC's assinged to that VM?  

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Re: vMM can't boot up anymore

Nop only 1 interface is in use (connected), 


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Re: vMM can't boot up anymore

According to the screenshot, you have 4 network adapters assigned if they are connected or not is irrelevant.


Can you try to remove one of your adapters, so it has 3 adapters?

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: vMM can't boot up anymore

Hello Herman,
I removed the 4th interface, and vMM1 is back online right now,

don't know how this additional interface fits into it. maybe this happened when I was transferring the VM from datastore 1 to 2.

Thank you, Herman. answrman
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