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valid AP is detected as Rouge AP for some reasons in log?



We have a lot of below message on log, but this AP is Aruba AP whichi is registerd by us correctly. Is thare any case valid AP is detected as rouge AP by mistake?

AP UCRWAP12@ sapd|  AM 00:0b:86:18:9b:60: STA with MAC 10:0b:a9:33:43:38 is associating to a Rogue AP with SSID nw-cnub2star-a and BSSID 00:1a:1e:7d:76:20
AP UCRWAP12@ sapd| AM 00:0b:86:18:9b:60: Rogue AP detected with SSID nw-cnub2star-a, BSSID 00:1a:1e:7d:76:20, Wired MAC 00:1f:45:fc:6a:76, and IP



show ap bss-table 

fm (forward mode): T-Tunnel, S-Split, D-Decrypt Tunnel, B-Bridge (s-standard, p-persistent, b-backup, a-always)

Alcatel-Lucent AP BSS Table
bss                ess             s/p   ip             phy  type  ch/EIRP/max-EIRP  cur-cl  ap name   in-t(s)  tot-t            mtu   acl-state  acl  fm
---                ---             ---   --             ---  ----  ----------------  ------  -------   -------  -----            ---   ---------  ---  --
00:0b:86:18:9b:60  nw-cnub2star-a  pc-0  g    ap    11/20/20          1       UCRWAP12  0        158d:3h:42m:10s  1500  -          1    T





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Re: valid AP is detected as Rouge AP for some reasons in log?

Go in the dashboard and change it to Valid.  It might have been accidentally changed to Rogue manually.


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