Wireless Access

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via function "block traffic until vpn is up"


Would like to hear you guys about how your using via?


The reason is that when we desided to go with via our local aruba parter promise us that via meet alle the requirement we needed for our remote vpn.

But now aruba tac said that the feature we want, via is not able to do right now.

We want all traffic to be tunneled to the controllere and if the tunnel is not up it should block and as i understand "block traffic until vpn is up" does that, but when the user is at work and on a trusted network it should allow the traffic even if the tunnel is not up, so block all if the tunnel is down and on untrusted network and allow all in trusted network, but tac is saying that it always block traffic even if its on trusted network, that i don't understand, why do anyone need that feature then? are you guys using via like that?

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