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New to Airwave / Visual RF


I have imported my drawings / APs into visualrf and made sure my drawing scales are accurate. whats the best method of making my location accurace the best it can be?


enabling RTLS make a difference?  even if im not using RTLS tags? does ALE help?


I did try enabling this on airwave and my IAP cluster but this seemed to tell me my APs were status down and it would see the odd client.


any tips welcome.

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Re: visualrf

In VisualRF you would need at least 3 access points to "hear" a client to triangulate correctly.  The more access points that can hear that client the better.  If the 3 access points are also serving clients, it will be less accurate than a RTLS/ALE setup.  An RTLS/ALE setup typically needs access points that only scan to provide more accuracy than a typical WLAN environment where access points are also serving clients.

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Re: visualrf

The building i am testing with has 4 floors each with 4 access points per floor. when i enabled visualrf within airwave i didnt have RTLS or ALE enabled and it saw all clients roughly in the right area. once i turned on RTLS and ALE my headmap looked more accurate but the APs said their status was down and i only saw a few clients connect. do the APs need restarted when applying RTLS and ALE?. i left it a good hour as i know visualRF takes 30 mins to settle down. I have all my APs within the IAP cluster setup in access mode but with Background spectrum monitoring enabled

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