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what are the pre-requisites to use external antennas when deploying ap's in warehouse/plants/factory

Hello experts , i would like to ask as to what kind of tips or tricks we follow when we propose access points for warehouse/plant/factory ?


as these areas mostly require physical site surveys , and depending upon the ceiling heights access points with external antennas are proposed .


is there any criteria wherein we can go ahead and propose external antenna access points ?   there are many external antennas like ap-ant-19 , ap-ant-38 which are omnidirectional / bi-directional etc .


could somebody shed some light on this please ?

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Re: what are the pre-requisites to use external antennas when deploying ap's in warehouse/plants/fac

Please look at the presentation here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Airheads-Breakouts/Hostile-Environments-Wireless-LAN-Design-for-Warehouses/ta-p/247147


The answer is that very few, if any warehouse deployments use external antennas because all of Aruba's campus access points are downtilt omnidirectional antennas and can be mounted at a maximum height of 40 feet.  You typically would use a ruggedized AP with an external antenna if the warehouse temperature is uncontrolled and you would need to deploy something in a space that is outside of the temperature range of what is on the campus AP datasheet.  Otherwise, all campus APs have omnidirectional downtilt antennas and typically can be deployed in that space.  Be sure to consult a reseller with experience deploying Warehouses, because there are still quite a few more considerations to deploying wifi.

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