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when can we deploy?

K, great HW AP is out, but when will the supporting AOS be released?  realistically when would it be prime time.   


nice to market, but is it really ready?  This is far ahead of even user devices release, so what updates and feature sets are expected with the next AOS updates?

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Re: when can we deploy?

I'm not sure what you are really asking? Are there new features we are expecting in AOS now that it is part of HP?


AOS is a mature system which as been deployed for years. ArubaOS will be brining support for Wave2 devices in coming versions, but i dont see anything which would be a show stopper today to deploying Wave 1 802.11ac devices.


What are you concerns right now? Things are Aruba should not be changing too drastically after the HP takeover, at least from a technology perspective.

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