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why does a user not connect to 5ghz?

We have a user running OS X Yosemite, who has an issue with wireless connectivity.  Our environment is composed of a 3400-US Mobility controller running ArubaOS, with mixed model AP's.  The user is connecting to two AP's (I assume close to each other), both of which are AP-105 model.  We have four SSID's -- two for corporate, two for guest, and they all run both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  The legacy SSID's will be phased out once we hammer out the problems with the new ones.  


The user complains that when connecting to the new corp SSID, he experiences latency, throughput loss, and bad signal strength.  This translates into buffering of youtube videos, slowness when opening pages, and a speedtest.net result of 9Mb/s down, 30Mb/s up.  I will also note here that my Windows 8.1 laptop, sitting just outside his office, gets about 90Mb/s down and 80Mb/s up on the same SSID (but I connect to 5GHz).


We see the user in the Monitoring -> Clients section connect to one or the other AP, always connecting to 2.4GHz on channel 6 instead of 5GHz.  The radio type is 802.11g-HT-20, and the channel stats are:



I had the user run an OS X wireless diagnostic report, but I did not find anything unusual other than his CPU load at 3.17 and Physical memory at 95% usage.  I'm at this point considering a possible problem with the office he is in, blocking the signal strength of the 5GHz and causing his OS X device to prefer 2.4GHz due to stronger RSSI.


Is there anything specifically I can look for on the controller side that may indicate why the user continues to join the 2.4GHz band, or wireless testing I can perform in the office to determine if it is signal strength related?

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Re: why does a user not connect to 5ghz?

Typically because your 2.4ghz (b/g) power on your access point is higher or equal to that of your 5ghz(a).

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