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wifi implementation

Hello together,

I had read a lot of documentation and threads in the Airheads community. Now I would like to know, if my implementation concept goes in the right way.

So how starting? I have one Mobility Master, two Aruba 7205 Controller on Aruba OS 8.3, two Clearpass VM, one Airwave VM and 40 AP (315).


At our lan we use different VLANs to have more control over the security and network access.

Vlan 1 is the default vlan. All others created for security reasons. I also have 3 vlan for the old wifi vlan 91 (AP Management), 92 (801.x), 93 (Guests). They all L3 vlans and brought to the old AP as tagged vlans and are controlled with the firewall. The Firewall is the default gateway in every vlan.

What I want to do:

  • Installing the MM, MC, Clearpass and Airwave in vlan 1
  • Creating one vlan for VRRP between the both MC. I thought I can use one Port of the 7205 Controller to access this vlan.
  • Creating a firewall rule so that vlan 91 (AP Management) could reach the VRRP vlan.

I had to use for one vlan (92) 801.x. This information should go through vlan 91.

  • Creating the vlans 91, 92, 93 in the Controller.
  • Using Clearpass Radius (vlan 92) and DHCP for the wifi vlans.

Did I miss something? Is there something I should optimize?

At the moment I don't need RAP's but if is necessary could I integrate them with my solution?

Thank you for your help!!

Best regards


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