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windows connecting to wpa2 network



I've set up a WPA2 network for students which is authenticated via microsoft NPS server. Each student has their own domain login to authenticate with. iPhones, androids all work fine. When they connect to the network they get prompted for a username / password.

They enter student\<username> and their password no issues. However this doesn't work on windows tablets or PC's. Am I missing something?

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Re: windows connecting to wpa2 network

Which version of Windows?


Prior to 8, Windows devices will machine authenticate prior to user authenticating and if they're not joined to your domain, authentication will likely fail until you go in and select User only authentication.


Also, what kind of certificate are you using for your NPS server? Was it issued specifically for that server or are you using a wildcard certificate?

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Re: windows connecting to wpa2 network

Thanks! That was part of the problem. The other part was a misconfigured policy in the NPS server.

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