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windows phone 7.5 or 7.8 connect wireless issue

Hi Sir,

We have some user they can't connect wireless(WPA2,eap-gtc),and we can't find any option to change setting for it.
Contact Microsoft and Nokia,Someone say yes,someone no.
When we ask the people who say yes,how to change the setting for our wireless.She answer don't know.
Because we can't get a certain answer so we just ask you,sorry.
Do u know about this?
thank for help


Re: windows phone 7.5 or 7.8 connect wireless issue


I'am not that sure - (j just now started to use ATIV-S WM8 as a lab device here :) )



Some Tweets/News:

Wifi Security EAP-TLS is NOT coming to WP8 in near future, but they are working on it, thanks

Wi-Fi EAP-TLS support coming to Windows Phone “at some point”



Please take a look on this post:


I had the same problem too, and was able to solve it. It has to do with the format of the security certificates. Most certificates are .crt files, but WP8 can't use these, and needs a .cer file. Follow these steps to get them.

1. The phone automatically detects all PEAP and MSCHAP settings.

2. I had to download a certificate from a website on my computer (in my case it was the UTN-Userfirst-Hardware). Most phones accept certificates in the .crt format, but WP8 accepts only .cer (just like Symbian, but this is widely documented)

3. On your computer, double click on your downloaded crt file, and hit open.

4. You should see a new window open with three tabs - General, Details and Certificate Path. Click on the Details tab.

5. On the lower right, you will find a "Copy to File" button. Hit it and it should open a Certificate Export Wizard.

6. Hit next, and when select the "Base-64 encoded X.509" format. Hit "Next".

7. Save the new file. Best to give the same file name as the .cer.

8. From your computer, email the .cer file as an attachment to yourself.

9. On your Lumia, open your email and download the attachment. The phone should prompt you to install the certificate.

10. Now go to settings, find your uni's wireless, put in your username and password, and select the certicate you just installed, and you should be good to go.



here is some AirHeads post reagarding WIN8 and eap-gtc...not WM8.



hope it will give u some way to soultion.

have a gr8 day.



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