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windows xp clients remote desktop problem


Recently we have shifted our wired LAN on WLAN we are using IAPs 105.But i am facing a strange issue whenever i took a remote desktop connection of window XP client from window 7 its disconnects session after 2 mins.


 i have tried this on various XP clients and found same issue.


Where as windows 7 to windows 7 remote desktop connection working fine.


plz help me out.


Re: windows xp clients remote desktop problem

I would do a wireshark capture and see what happens upon the disconnection to better understand what is going on and get closer to root cause.


You could do this by

a) Comparing captures of Win7:Win7  vs.  WinXp:Win7   and/or

b) Looking at WHO (which side) initiates the tear-down of the RDP session in the non-working scenario


Since the problem happens in 2 minutes your time committment on this will be quite small.  Always nice when there is a repeatable 'recipe' for problem analysis.



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Re: windows xp clients remote desktop problem


RD disconnects because of wireless network connection disconnect from AP.After disconnection users of XP client again log on and connects it again.

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