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wireless mesh network

I am palnning to build  a outdoor  wirelss mesh network . I am looking at 15 Ip camera  setup . just imagine you are seting up for the 100 block parking  space.  what  would  be the mesh structure and  how many  mesh router  I require to use. and suggested  brand and model no. if you can provide me.  do I need to use   wirelss mesh controllers?  if  I am using it what would  be the cost.



with regards


Re: wireless mesh network

Hi Kaydee,


Aruba systems engineers are very happy to help with this type of question, and to produce a potential bill of materials and cost estimate for you.


If you can unicast me your contact info and geographic location, I can introduce the right sales team who can take this further.


We really need more detail to advise on the question, such as coordinates of the location, size of coverage footprint, types of supported devices, etc.


Aruba Employee

Re: wireless mesh network

Hi Kaydee,


Did you receive the info that I sent you?




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