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wlsxTrapExpiringCertName alert repeats

I get this alert repeatedly in AirWave. Anyone know what it means?


wlsxNConnectionBackfromLocal wlsxTrapAPMacAddress.0: <AP MAC>,
wlsxTrapExpiringCertName.0: 1, wlsxTrapAPLocation.0:
<AP name>, wlsxTrapAPIpAddress.0: <AP IP>,
wlsxTrapTime: 1/2/2014 14:56:46 UTC-5


I did just add 53 APs for a total of 138 devices, but I believe that I have 140 licenses in AirWave, and only 48 alerts are coming in - both for new and previously existing APs. If I acknowledge them, they come back after a few hours.






Re: wlsxTrapExpiringCertName alert repeats

What version of controller are you using?
Take a look at the triggers section of Airwave, can you post what is configured?

I can't seem to find any information on this in the MIB guides for 6.1, 6.2 or 6.3

Pasquale Monardo | Senior Network Solutions Consultant
ACDX #420 | ACCA
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