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wms ap list updated list

I have seem that this table does not auto refresh or something like that...

for example

Let say it detected a suspected rogue ap as one of my AP detect it did the l3 rogue detection and it appears on:show wms wired-mac prop-eth-mac because one of my ap detected it through the wireless and wired.


Okay then that perosn disconnect that AP and it keep appearing on the show wms ap list, it does not appear anymore on show wms wired-mac prop-eth-mac so i know its not htere anymore...

and even when i do show wms rogue-ap <bssid> of the rouge ap i see on the show wms ap list it tells you when it was last seen... 


The thing is that it will keep appearing on the show wms ap list which is the the security tab on the dashboard on the gui... so you actually looking not actualized information in there...

Is this is how it should work?


If i want it to delete the old entries well i have to go to maintanience and do clear old entries, which it envolce rebooting the Wireles controller(or at least it tells you to do so) but it doesnt seems necesary.....


What i mean is that it shouldnt always tells you the updated information always on the dashboard onthe security tab? i mean by now its always showing you old entries also.. is this okay???


Any aruba expert can enligh me in this?






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Re: wms ap list updated list

I have some similar problem...


I have one interfering ap, bssid=00:14:7f:61:0a:0d

When I use the GUI, I see it, also if I write "show wms ap 00:14:7f:61:0a:0d" the output is:


 show wms ap 00:14:7f:61:0a:0d

AP Info
BSSID              SSID                  Channel  Type        RAP_Type     Status  Match MAC          Ageout
-----              ----                  -------  ----        --------     ------  ---------          ------
00:14:7f:61:0a:0d  SpeedTouchF89998_bis  1        generic-ap  interfering  up      00:00:00:00:00:00  0


but I write


show wms ap list | include Spee


I have no output, even when the SSID is SpeedTouch.... and is the interfering one

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Re: wms ap list updated list

Please open a support case so they can explain the discrepancy.


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