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[AASEAT] Aruba Airheads SEAT Region

Discuss everything Aruba within SEAT region here ~

This is a dedicated thread for all of us in SEAT (South East Asia Taiwan) region to socialise and interact with each other!  


Countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, AEC (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives)

Add your Aruba experiences to this thread - click "REPLY" button from THIS main message!

Excited to receive more kudos and love from all you folks!  :D :D

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Rewarding experiences for partners in Aruba. Find out more from your local Aruba CAM!

Q118 SEAT Partner Incentive Trip.jpgSEAT Q118 PITA [Program Incentive Trip for Aruba] @ New Zealand

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Aruba CAM Workshop @ Genting Highlands!

Fruitful session for CAMs across SEAT region to interact & share best practices, all in the best interests for our Aruba partners!

SEAT 2H18 Review.JPG





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AEC Region, Train-The-Trainer Workshop (Oct 2018, Singapore)

Partner SEs from AEC region feeling satisfied from a 3-day workshop conducted by various Aruba SEs, equipping them with technical and product config/troubleshooting skills required for Aruba's suite of solutions!


AEC TTT 02 (1).JPG


AEC TTT 02 (2).JPG


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SEAT Team - 1H19 Review @ Cambodia

Aruba SEAT region planning session - Hardworking both at work and play!! Happy people ready to influence partners & customers with our contagious upbeat attitudes ~

SEAT 1H19 Review.jpg



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Orange Hearts - Indonesia

Curious to know about "Orange Hearts" emerging across our region?

Find out more from your local Aruba CAM (Channel Acct Mgr) !!

Orange Hearts ID.JPG


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Malaysia Roadshow - Mar 2019 - AXperience Day

Aruba Malaysia's countrywide roadshows are happening this week!
Give us a kudos or post your candid photos here~

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Re: Malaysia Roadshow - Mar 2019 - AXperience Day

fa48ac26-3334-4d1e-a4e0-593333d864e8.jpgOverflowing with customers5daacdcc-9fcc-4dcb-a330-3c8b5433522f.jpgUXI Dashboard481184c6-9041-434b-8301-c7a5a7d93bc4.jpgPartner Display Booth62e82d29-04e4-4255-97b8-6f0d0503d3c8.jpgGreat learning session~

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Taiwan Security Event - 19 to 21 Mar 2019

Cybersec 2019 - IOT Security . AI . Behavioural Analytics

Find out more @TICC, Taipei, Booth 50!




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Indonesia - Aruba Intelligent Edge Customer Event (20 Mar'19)

Country Manager of Aruba Indonesia, Pak Robert, presents the importance of having an intelligent edge architecture.





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