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AP 115/135/205/215/225/325 equivalent of AP-105-MNT-C - Mounting AP's on recessed ceiling grid



What's the current equivalent of AP-105-MNT-C for new style AP's (IAP-215 for example)?


We have a customer that has recessed 15/16" ceiling grid - the tiles drop down 3/8" lower than the grid itself, and the AP's push up on the ceiling tiles, making it look really bad.


Looking at all the data sheets for the mounts for AP-135, AP-220, etc indicates that none of the current mount kits are for recessed 15/16".  AP-220-MNT-C2 is for interlude and Silhouette ceilings - the installation guide says nothing about recessed, or 15/16".  AP-220-MNT-C1 indicates that it's the exact same thing that comes in the box as in an IAP-215, and also not for recessed 15/16".


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I've got a case open with Aruba TAC, but I haven't heard anything back from them yet.