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#ATM15 Keynote Discussion

The Atmosphere 2015 conference is underway. Alas, I’m not there. I’m just watching the #ATM15 hashtag on Twitter to follow along with as much as I can. Here’s a few observations from the tweets around the keynote… Dominic Orr (President and CEO of Aruba Networks) said that with the HP acquisition there will be no changes to the AirHeads community or certification and training programs. He said that the AirHeads community was their biggest asset and that they remain committed to it. He also said that the culture of Aruba won’t change, it will still be customer first and customer last. For the immediate future, other than having more resources to back Aruba, there’s not going to be any changes. Interestingly, Aruba also remains committed to their existing partners.

It’ll be a fine line, to be sure… Meg Whitman (CEO of HP) was live via a video feed from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There was some amusing back and forth with the 6 second delay, with Dominic counting down the seconds until Meg would respond. It sounds like Meg said the kinds of positive things you expect in this sort of situation. She also said that together Aruba and HP could beat Cisco. They went on to talk about burgers and fries…

Apparently, Dominc said that together, Aruba and HP can provide an entire Happy Meal… There were a few other speakers, including Jayshree Ullal (CEO of Arista Networks), who apparently is an excellent speaker based on what people were saying. Also illustrated by the volume of tweets dropping when she spoke, presumably because everyone was paying attention to her… There was a quick mention of “active” wireless, but I didn’t see enough detail on Twitter to make heads or tails of it. What else did you think was interesting? Does anyone know more about the active wireless?


Scott McDermott - @scottm32768 - www.mostlynetworks.com
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