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Aruba APs stop working over a VPN 2 sonicwalls

I have 2 SonicWalls 4600 at the main and a 3600 at the offsite with a VPN the off site sonicwals uses the VPN to talk to the aruba 3400 controler. DNS is used called mater_aruba. It was working fine yesterday. today i come in the the WIfi at the offsite was down the Wifi at the main site is up. I can not find the source of the problem. the VPN is working I hard wired into the offsite network and was able to goto the internet and access the network resoures from the offsite. the offsite has to 105APs. anyone know what might be going on?

Re: Aruba APs stop working over a VPN 2 sonicwalls

If i were you iw ould go to the remote site console the AP 105 reboot it and log in the cpboot of the AP and start troubleshooting the network connectivity from the same AP to see whats happening....

If it get an ip by dhcp i would issue the command dhcp to get the ip and start pinging the controller to see if it see it alive...

If it has static ip then i would just ping the controller to see it...


If you see it alive then see what happens on the boot process... to see if you get any message in there to see whats wrnog....


IF you say that the VPN is fine and all the networking is fine.... i would do that.




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Re: Aruba APs stop working over a VPN 2 sonicwalls

From the limited information in your post, I would try this:  Edit the AP-Group that the access point is in.., look for the AP system profile and enter 1100 for the MTU.

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