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Aruba Atmosphere 2015



I am thinking about going to this event this year.

I will be paying for it out of my own pocket so I want to make sure that it is something that makes sense for me to do.


I am wanting to focus my career a little bit more and would like to start to specialize in wireless technology.


Is there a lot to learn from an event such as this?

I see that there are a ton of breakout sessions and some cert training courses available?

I did read that the training courses are very basic, does this mean that they are not worth attending while at this event?


Just curious if anyone could offer some feedback for those that have been there.


Thank you,



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Re: Aruba Atmosphere 2015

If this is your first time, prepare to be blast.  My recommendation is looking at the Breakouts and find the subjects that you want to learn and to your interest.  You can follow the tracks: Newcomer, Pro, Advanced, even Guru, Guru track is new this year; misc and match the events as you wish.  Also check out the last year presentations and get some ideas.  Do you want to be certified? Register for those classes.  They are filling up fast.

~Trinh Nguyen~
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Re: Aruba Atmosphere 2015

Thanks for your reply ngutri!


It would be my first time.

I will have to recheck the agenda as I was a little confused about the time lines. Do the times work out where you can do the tracks as well as the training courses?


I did see some of the tracks and have already seen a few I am definitely interested in.


Are the training courses offered at the event pretty decent?

I am definitely looking to get certified. I have some pretty good experience under my belt already with CPPM, but not as much with the AP's and controller's as I'd like.


I will have to read the tracks again though and try and understand the agenda's and how all the times work out.


Thanks again!




Re: Aruba Atmosphere 2015

I made the decision to go. Looking forward to it.


Re: Aruba Atmosphere 2015

Atmosphere 2015 was awesome.


Met a lot of cool people. Not to many guys from the forums unfortunately. But it was still a blast.



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Re: Aruba Atmosphere 2015

I was there ;)

and yes it was awesome !

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