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Hello all;


I an new to the Aruba enviroment. However, my employee has a well established Aruba wireless infrastructure. In 2013, I was the PM for an AeroScout RTLS implementation. However, we only have the prodution enviroment and I have no where to "play" with different integrations, configurations, etc.


Abscent a new project to implement a formal development/test enviroment, I would like to set up a CHEAP test enviroment of my own. It does not have to replicate the production enviroment. It just has to function.


From the network infrastructure side... I have found 3200-US mobility controllers on eBay for $100. There are also APs for about $20/each. I have support from AeroScout and an MSDN subscription for access to Windows Server, SQL, etc.


Before I invest in the hardware.... is this a viable approach? Do I need to have licenses in addition to the 3200 and APs?


Any advice and/or insight would be greatly appriciated.


Thank you





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