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Client-Match Interaction with SLB, Band-Steering, etc.

With AOS 6.3 and AP105's, does Client-Match take precedence over SLB, Band-Steering, handoff-assist, etc. or should these not be configured together?  One customer was told that it was best to have separate profiles for AP225's with client-match enabled and another set for AP105's with spectrum load-balance, etc.  Working with another customer with a similar mix of AP's without separate profiles/groups configured and trying to detemine if we need to set this up with separate profiles for the various AP types.




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Re: Client-Match Interaction with SLB, Band-Steering, etc.

I've had a look into this myself.


Assuming all your APs can support Client-Match (regardless of model specifics), I would personally recommend you disable all the older features like band-steering, and let Client-Match do it's thing globally.


Theoretically, it supercedes all the older features and it should be better. If you mix the features across AP types, you'll get variation in the result (and variation is not good). The older features were conceptually a bit more "pushy" than Client-Match which is much more friendly from an engineering point of view. So the result should be much more slick an predictable.




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Re: Client-Match Interaction with SLB, Band-Steering, etc.


Client Match will override all those settings when enabled : Band Steering, Load Balance , etc..

Thank you

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Re: Client-Match Interaction with SLB, Band-Steering, etc.

Thanks for the clarification.  I was hoping that Client-Match would override the other settings for those AP's that support both. Would be messy if both sets of features were able to affect user roaming, etc.  So, with both client-match and SLB/Band-Steering configured on the appropriate profiles, client-match would take effect on the 802.11n and 802.11ac AP's while SLB/Band-Steering would be used on the legacy 802.11a/b/g AP's.



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