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Digital signs keep bouncing between 2 or more APs


we have some digital signs in Conference rooms/areas  (big flat panel screens/signage ) by Via Networking Technologies that bounce between APs  (AP 105s)

Controller 6000 ver

also there are ping drops.  not sure if  this is expected in wifi.

i have a TAC case open.   Just thought i'd supplement with questions here.

looking to  improve stability for these Digital signage devices.


just looking for some ideas, general info


thank you so much




Re: Digital signs keep bouncing between 2 or more APs

is the digital sign right in the middle of both APs?
Do you have a local probe threshold set?
Have you looked at the reasons why the station is dissassociating? Might need to enable debug on that mac address.

Do you have airwave you could look at historically?

is client-aware enabled?
Is there any interference going on which would cause the AP to changes channels due to excessive interference, -show ap arm rf-summary ap-name <name>-

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Re: Digital signs keep bouncing between 2 or more APs

Are the digital signs b/g?

What TX power are the access points it is bouncing between?


Ultimately, the client or digital sign decides what access point it wants to be on, but we can certainly try to influence that.

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