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How many years of WLAN Experience do you guys have?

Well i ll start

I did see wifi randomly now and then back at the end of 2011.   I do started to work with wireless more at 2012 but at 2013 i was more dedicated to wifi.


So basically i do have i would say i got 2 years in WLAN field.   Guess im  just starting in this mobility engineer field :)


Hope to learn much more as i do see many of you guys with many years of experience with wifi =)





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Re: How many years of WLAN Experience do you guys have?

Well.. I guess that depends on how you define wifi. 


I mean 802.11 expereience? I started wireless probably a year ago.


However, I spent some time in the U.S. Army doing Sat Com, which the principals are very similar in the RF sphere. So if you count that, then I've been doing it for 5-6 years. 


Also, I'm really good at over complicating things. That's how I know I'm meant to do IT. 

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