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Installing public wifi for tornado disaster relief, who can help?

Disaster Tech Lab has been asked to assist Team Rubicon and other emergency relief organisations in their post-tornado work in Beaver Crossing Nebraska.

As the tornado has damaged the local utility & communications networks we have been asked to provide the relief effort and municipality with Internet access.

We’re deploying an assessment team tomorrow and following that we need a number of volunteers who can spend a day or more in the town installing WiFi access points, a satellite backhaul and related equipment.

As we work mostly with Aruba Networks products we're hoping that a few members of this community will step up to help us help the people of Beaver Crossing.

The work is voluntary but will result in huge job satisfaction!

Please let me know if you are available and willing to assist with this deployment.


Of course if you have friends or family who might also be interested in volunteering please pass on this email or ask them to contact us.


Regards, Evert Bopp.

+353 86 8645099

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