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Microsoft Surface 3?

I see that Microsoft has just released the Surface 3, and it appears to be a very interesting device. What, you thought the surface 3 had already been released and on the market for over a year?


The device that just got released is the new Surface 3, not the Surface 3 Pro. Having the names so similar causes confusion. This is the device that used to run Windows RT. It appears as though Microsoft has finally realized that Windows RT wasn’t working out the way they had hoped.


The device is a full Windows 8.1 device that can be upgraded to Windows 10. I am wondering how it will perform when used as a site survey machine or in conjunction with other wireless tools out there. It has an interesting price point starting at $499.


I have heard that there are problems on the Surface pro 3 when it is used as a site survey device these problems tend to be related to the USB port. However, not everyone has problems with it.


I have heard that the USB hub from Hootoo is the best one to use with the Surface pro 3. http://www.hootoo.com/hootoo-ht-uh013-usb-3-0-4-port-hub-with-usb-cable.html


If your wondering about the CPU that the new Surface has onboard here’s info on the atom chip it has inside it




I was also wondering how the surface 3 compares to the Dell XPS 13?


Here is a list of some reviews of the Surface 3








So what are your thoughts, is this a device for the Wireless professional? Or is it just another consumer device designed for the masses?

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Re: Microsoft Surface 3?

I use the Surface Pro 3 with Metageek Chanalyzer Pro and Tamograph, it works well for me, the battery life and size/weight are the main benefits as far as I am concerned.
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