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Mojave VIA client.

Hi guys,

Can anyone please help me. I'm at home working remotely and decided to upgrade to Mojave. Now I discover it the VIA client I was using to connect to the office to work on our clearpass instance does not work. I have tried to download the new version but I do not have any of the support details here and my manager is not answering his emails.


Please if anyone can help.

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Re: Mojave VIA client.

Hi Adam, 

I believe you already got the update on the fix. However, to close this thread and for the sake of future searches, I am updating the answer. 


MAC users with Mojave should install the latest client "Aruba VIA" version 3.1.3 from the App store, which has resolved the connection issues on MacOS Mojave or 10.14. 





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