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Need indoor antenna recommendation for residential homes

We have been getting a lot of request to put wireless in fairly substantial high-end homes. The biggest challenge is all the work it takes to get the aesthetics right. Owners of 5+ Million dollar homes are not found of the way Aruba APs look above their $100,000 dining room table :) I think they look great by the way.

Any recommendations for dual band Omni that would flush mount on a drywall ceiling and compatible with IAP-214? I'll run 3 LMR 400 cables back to the wiring room where I will place the APs.

Am I the only one recommendingAruba gear I n residential homes? Is this overkill?
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Re: Need indoor antenna recommendation for residential homes

Running cabling and putting external antennas indoors is very costly and might be overkill.  In addition, antennas are not really designed for indoors, so you might have to resurvey.   You might want instead to look at a cover for the access point like this:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Wireless-Access/AP-215-CVR-20-picture/td-p/222463


You can always turn off the lights in software so that they do not blink.   Access points do not need to be mounted in the center of the room they are covering.  Line of sight RF can easily go 300 feet if there is nothing between the AP and the client.  You can easily mount the AP in a corner on the ceiling, put the cover on it, and cover the entire room.  You might want to double-check with your local Aruba person if that scenario fits what you are trying to do, first....I am just speaking in general..




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