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Ruckus Wireless "Independant Testing" Makes Aruba Look Terrible...

So check out the attached .PDF.


Now I know everyone who does "Independent" testing still puts their own spin on how the data is presented. But in this instance, the Aruba AP225 is really not looking so hot. Even against Cisco APs (gasp). So again, take a look and tell me what you think?


p.s. I am still an Aruba guy, just wanted to share some other wireless spin and see what your thoughts were.

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Re: Ruckus Wireless "Independant Testing" Makes Aruba Look Terrible...

"All enterprise Wi-Fi manufacturers were invited to bring in their choice of APs, without limitation as to what type or how many APs could be tested in a single day. Each of the following vendors chose to send an engineer to the tests with equipment in hand: Aerohive, Cisco, HP, and Ruckus. "

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Re: Ruckus Wireless "Independant Testing" Makes Aruba Look Terrible...

Too bad the attached document is a Ruckus-branded document, is the full Carnet document available somewhere?


I'm wondering if they have been using IAP-225's or AP-225's with a controller. If no Aruba-engineer was present to configure the setup, that would suggest a rather default config and maybe an out-of-the-box firmware.


Old firmware doesn't benefit Aruba, especially with the AP-225's where there have been a number of issues with the drivers on the AP-side.


A default config could for example mean no broadcast-filtering, which can degrade the performance fast with lots of clients. A Cisco controller with default config has broadcast-filtering enabled with default. Ruckus has optimization enabled for delivery of broadcast/multicast frames by default.

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