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Two controllers in different data centers redundancy setup.

We have one active controller in our SLC datacenter for all 200 APs.  We have added another one in our ATL datacenter.  We would like to use the ATL one for redundancy and performance (allow east coast APs to connect to ATL rather than SLC), the other complication we have is that we would like to use centeral licensing or at least share the licenses.


What is the best way to set this up?  Do primary and backup controllers have to be on the same subnet?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Two controllers in different data centers redundancy setup.

i would ask a question like this here:



it depends a bit where you want to go for. in this case a master with a local sounds like a possible deployement. this is often on different layer 3 networks and you can use centralized licensing fine then and have APs terminate on either the master or the local. with fallback if either fails.


the only thing is that if your master fails configuration changes are not possible. also you need to replace the licensing server with 30 days. so if you are fine with that and can make that happen in normal time (make backups, have support on hardware, test the replacement plan) then you should be fine.

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Re: Two controllers in different data centers redundancy setup.

You would set the controllers up as master-local and use AP system profiles to point certain AP groups to each controller.


The same VLANs do not have to exist on both controllers unless you wanted a license backup which is not required and IMO is not worth the toplogy change to configure.

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