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Upgraded from 6.5.3. to 6.5.4 and...

Decided I didn't need to stay at the office for this one since it was such a small jump.

I have done every other upgrade no matter how small while I was in the office, even though I have been told I don't need to.


Karma gave me a swift kick to the face.

Disk corruption on the active partition, upgrade attempt and subsequent reboot made things worse. Luckily it was only the subscriber. Spent all night getting it back up. Haven't slept and I am back at work.


Never leaving the office again....


Good learning experience though

Re: Upgraded from 6.5.3. to 6.5.4 and...

what was the issue? How did you fix?>
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Re: Upgraded from 6.5.3. to 6.5.4 and...

The Active partition had disk corruption. I suspect from our backup, but I don't know for certain.


It turned out that our previous Active image, which was from version 6.4.7 was on an entirely different disk. The server is old so I still had one of the legacy disks left in the VM.


So the Aruba tech decided to give that image a try. He set it as the Active image and the machine booted up without a problem, just beind on verisons. He "removed" it from the cluster, since it had been droped from the publisher already. We then performed upgrades on it to get it running the same version as the publisher, then we reformed the cluster.


Everything was okay after that.


Very strange, I wish I knew for sure what caused the disk corruption. Thankfully though we had that other disk that was somehow untouched.

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