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Vlan Pooling Issues.

A few months ago and for my first time I deployed several iAP225s in a cluster configuration managed by the Virtual Controller. I was using vlan 100 for management and vlan 101 with SSID ABC for client dhcp/data. Everything else is strictly default. All appeared to work ok

I have since added a few more iAP225s but in another building entirely. These are configured under the previous cluster and VC and using vlan 100 for management but this time vlan 102 for client dhcp/data.

The reason for the two separate client vlans in each building is they already existed and I simply wanted to use what was already there.

Some other wifi vendor APs allows multiple instances of the same network SSID with separate vlans. Your's appears not to but I was told that vlan pooling might be the answer.

I therefore reconfigured my existing ABC SSID to include both vlans 101 and 102. So far so good.

Since I only need client vlan 101 in the first building I do not pipe vlan 102 there and since I only need client vlan 102 in the second building I do not pipe vlan 101 to it. All this eventhough my ABC SSID is configured for both.

I have since noticed issues with clients getting dhcp/IPs. Even in the initial deployment area.

Are there other configurations needed to use Vlan Pooling?

Do I have to pipe all vlans configured under Vlan Pooling to all iAP225s in the cluster?

Would the client devices be trying to connect to the first vlan listed in the Vlan Pooling list?

 What is the "best practice" when using Vlan Pooling?


Thanks in advnce for the help.




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Re: Vlan Pooling Issues.

Is VLAN 100 (the management VLAN) on the same subnet in both buildings?  If not, you should build two separate clusters that have similar configurations, except for the VLAN number.  One cluster for the first building should have the vlans relevant to that building.  The second cluster would have the VLANs relevant to the second building.


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Re: Vlan Pooling Issues.

I have since received info from an Aruba tech and in case someone else needs to know here are the details.

Current setup:

- 1 cluster with 1 management vlan with APs in 2 separate buildings

- Each building previously had separate client vlans with the same network SSID

- In order to use the same network SSID in both buildings under the same cluster, Aruba recommends Vlan pooling which I did.

- I still kept the client vlans separate in both buildings so as to minimize client issues if they surface.

- Issues did surface but for a different reason.

- I have since found out that because the way Aruba does things all vlans in the Vlan pooling on and network SSID of the same cluster must be present at all APs.

- The other option in keeping both client vlans separate in each building is to create separate network SSIDs.

Have not completely tested these options yet but will shortly.


Thanks all for the info.


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