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WMM queue depth information needed.

Can anyone help me gather the answers to the below questions please?


1. What is the queue depth for each access class (bk/be/vi/vo)?
2. Are they fixed or shared? Are they adjustable? If adjustable how/where?
3. If queue depth exceeded, what is the behavior?
4. How can I verify the queue drops, cli or are there any tools I can use?
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Re: WMM queue depth information needed.

It depends on the chipset.
For AP 105, 115, 103, should be 512 packet buffers. Older APs are 256. (AP70 is 128)
135, 225 is 4k packet buffer

Once that buffer is full, excess packets will be droped. This can be seen by:
"show ap debug radio-stats ap-name xxx advanced radio X | include "rop" .... look for the one dropped due to no Tx buffer

From that 4k pool, it feeds the individual queues (VO/VI/BE/BK) which each hold 8. That's where the QoS happens.

So, from the pool (size depending on chipset), it feeds the queues. Once the 4k pool is full, then excess packets are dropped, regardless of which queue they were destined for.

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Re: WMM queue depth information needed.

Thanks Spice_Boy for your reply, I have the info that I need and hopefully it will help others also.

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Re: WMM queue depth information needed.

...radio x advanced (not advanced radio x)

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