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[Webinar] Remote Access Points in AOS 8

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Secure remote networks for compliance and continuity.

Maintaining secure remote access while employees are working remotely is more important than ever before. This can present many challenges for organizations.

However, this difficult time can demonstrate organizational resilience and prove to be an opportunity to work in new, more effective ways.

By leveraging Aruba Networks RAP’s, IT professionals and staff alike can maintain and, in many cases, ensure the best in class remote access, regardless of one’s physical location.


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How and why a RAP would be a great solution for you and your organization
  • RAP Differences between AOS 6 and AOS 8
  • How to configure a RAP within AOS 8
  • Setting up RAP Redundancy
  • Different options to secure a RAP deployment


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