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Welcome to the Wireless Water Cooler forum!

Welcome to the Airheads Wireless Water Cooler forum! We’ve created this forum for our community members to discuss topics unrelated to networking or work and just socialize with one another.


Want to show off your new gaming PC build or discuss the latest high tech industry trend? Come by the Wireless Water Cooler and hang out with other Airheads!


If you have a technical question related to Aruba product, please be sure to post it in the right product discussion forum for better exposure.


Aruba Employee

Re: Welcome to the Wireless Water Cooler forum!

I attended the Atmosphere Recap & Barbecue at Utrecht in the Netherlnads.

Key speakers Marius Venter

Capitalize on SD-WAN with Aruba's Enterprise-class


and Richard Leadbetter:
Uncovering new opportunities with Aruba ClearPass profiling and IoT Security Enhancements



Codrin Georgescu
Agile Scrum Foundation Certified
Network Engineer, Aruba Mobility Professional
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