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What is your role in the company you work for?

Well ill start


I work as the product manager for a ArubaNetworks partner. 

I do see anything related to Arubanetworks, so i do postsales, presales, marketing, tech marketing, etc.   The only thing i do not do its sales directly.   Like a one man army for aruba in my company or something like it :P


Anyways i do still have to see now and then swithces, firewalls of other brands, and servers.  


The only bad thing is that for some reason i started disliking other areas like servers, or security  like configuring and big proyects of firewall appliance which is the area of our company with more revenue i think.

Now i just do enjoy Mobility.  

That makes me thing if thats bad hahha...  Anyways it was good to learn all the routing and switching, and server part before Wifi, as i feel you do need to know all that!


Anyways that was like a long post for the topic! :P what do you guys do ? :)




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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