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Wifi on a cruise ship.

I just got back from a seven day cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas. It was awesome, I would highly recommend it if you get the chance to go.


One of the best parts of the cruise for a wifi geek like me was the fact that the ship had Wifi onboard. It was fast and affordable, It cost ninety-five dollars for unlimited internet for the whole week for two devices. The download speeds were about 5 mbps down and 5 mbps up consistently.


My daughters had their nexus tablets with them and were streaming Netflix for hours at a time. I posted several videos to facebook and had no problems whatsoever. I was able to do facetime video to my friends back in Michigan to show them a virtual tour of the ship. I also used the Vonage Extensions voice over wireless application to call friends while I was in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I called them just because I could. The sound quality was excellent.


While my wife and kids were busy enjoying the ship and going off to the Bahamas, I was geeking out on how well the wifi worked and having a few drinks. The boat ride was cool as well lol…


Has anyone else found fast Wifi in unusual places?

Re: Wifi on a cruise ship.

did you happen to notice what the vendor was?

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Re: Wifi on a cruise ship.



I just spent 3 weeks on its sister ship, Anthem of the Seas. I was working in a  RF support type position and wow what an interesting environment. RF in a basically a large metal can presents some challenges.


The coolest place i have ever performed a validation survey was inside the North Star. It required coverage even when 100 ft above the ship. So I was able to "test" it and the WiFi.


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