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cisco 2960 wifi configuration

Our IT department just purchased several Cisco 2960-X switches and I am trying to configure these to work with our existing iAP225s. The port on which the iAP225 is connected to is programmed for both wifi management and wifi data (for clients). I can see the iAP225 fine via the Virtual Controller GUI but my wireless devices are not picking up an IP number on the data side. I suspect it's somekind of quirky config line on the Cisco. Quick note: This AP work just fine on a Nortel 470.


Any ideas ? Thanks. 

Re: cisco 2960 wifi configuration

Can you please share your port config on the Cisco switch and IAP wired settings ?

Thank you

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Re: cisco 2960 wifi configuration

All is working now.

My configs appeared to be ok from the GUI interface so I tested all required vlans individually on a separate switch port. As soon as I added my data vlan to another port, the wifi connection on my laptop started working properly. Simply adding the correct vlans via the CLI was not enough, I had to do it via the GUI interface.


I will be testing a few more options before putting the switch in operation but for now all is good.

Thanks to those who responded.




Re: cisco 2960 wifi configuration

did you type "commit apply" on the cli or "write memory"? if you didn't type commit then the settings will not have been pushed to the virtual controller. write me only saves them in memory.
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Re: cisco 2960 wifi configuration

After several re-configurations I finally got it to work properly.
Thanks for the response.


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