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Jake Snyder introduced me to this nifty wireless analysis tool called "horst." The name is an acronym for Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool. It's a small text-based wireless analysis tool that runs best on Linux. It can run on Mac, but it cannot change channels. I tried to use AirTool to change the channels, but horst seems to tie in too tightly to Linux right now for that to work. It does have a number of useful tools for Wi-Fi analysis. Here's an example of the base statistics screen:




Since most of this type of functionality is usually only available for Windows users, it's nice to an OSS option available for Linux users. It also has a rudimentary spectrum analyzer that can tell you what's going on in the channels nearby, too. Pretty cool little program.




All in all, this is a good tool for a quick look at what's going on in the network. I could see turning this into something you could send on a bootable USB to a remote site so you could gather some data for troubleshooting or adding it to Kali Linux boot drive.


Here's the website for it, you should check it out! http://br1.einfach.org/tech/horst/

Scott McDermott - @scottm32768 - www.mostlynetworks.com
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