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802.11n differences between AOS 3.3 and AOS 3.4

Hey guys,

We have been working with 802.11n APs since version without any problem mainly AP-125 as AP-105 are supported since AOS 3.3.3.x. Nevertheless as soon as we update to AOS 3.4.x.x AP-125 begin to show poor performance. But if you return immediately to AOS 3.3.2.x that performance might rise again. Do you have any idea why this happens?

Another thing that we have seen is that in version 3.3.2.x 802.11n APs allow clients to connect using WPA-Enterprise but version 3.4.x.x doesn't allow that, I know that this might happen due to standard compliance issue, am I wrong?

In a legacy environment like in a University where most of the client devices are still b/g devices with no WPA2 support but the customer wants to acquire 11n APs in order to upgrade their network, what would be a good practice taking in mind that we can't change the cypher method from dusk till dawn?


Erick Müller
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Any update on this issue?

We have AP125s and are considering an upgrade to 3.4.x.x

Any suggestions?
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802.11n using Weak Encryption

I have no idea what poor performance was observed, but that should be troubleshot by support.

The 802.11n standard only allows for devices that are using "Open" or AES as a cipher to negotiate 802.11n rates. Aruba has a workaround for devices called "allow weak encryption" that allows devices that do WEP, or TKIP to connect to an 802.11n AP to do 54 meg, but this probably will soon be changed to be inline with the standard so that none of these devices can even connect on an 802.11n SSID.

The migration strategy is to get all your clients to do WPA2 AES encryption so that they can have 802.11n speeds without restriction or drawback. A captive portal network could be for those devices that cannot do WPA2 AES. Most modern devices can, however.

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