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AM's in an seperate AP-GROUP or not?

VRD’s say to put the AM’s in their own AP-Group.

I used to keep the AM’s in the same group as the AP's in that area. I was told this improved Rogue detection because of the way AP/AM’s in the same ap-group shared MAC addy tables. I’d put each AM’s config in individually and add an am-mode rf-profile to make it an AM. This can get cumbersome if you have a lot of AM’s.

What have folks been doing? Separate AM AP-Group or calling each AM’s config out individually while keeping them in the same AP-Group as the AP’s in their building?


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different AP-group

Different AP-group, definitely. You can have an AP-group for that building for Wifi and a different group called that you put your AMs in.

There is no reason why you should configure APs individually unless it is one or two. Treating them individually makes it more difficult to troubleshoot and should be avoided.

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Re: AM's in an seperate AP-GROUP or not?

I agree with Colin, always a separate group. Unless you are doing it for naming purposes, I would probably just have a single AM group for the entire enterprise. The AMs do need to see wired traffic, but that doesn't matter for grouping purposes, you can think of an AP group as an AP configuration if that helps.

Out of curiosity, where did you hear the AP/AM in the same group from? Last I checked we were not teaching that, feel free to send me a private message if you would rather not post it.

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Re: AM's in an seperate AP-GROUP or not?

I'll never divulge my sources!!! ;)

Honestly, I can't remember. I think I may have been informed of that when I started doing a bunch of 3.x updates. I don't think I've ever seen it written anywhere.

I like keeping them seperate because I know that they are inheritting the settings from the AP-Group that their 'neighboring' AP's are in. However, most of my installs use the same rf profiles anyway so I may be a bit superstitious.

What critical things should be included in the ap-group profile that JUST has AM's in it (besides the dot11 radio profile). Do I need to assign any RF-Opt profiles for instance?

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