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AP 124 Antenna

Dear all,

what type of antenna is compatible with 124 ?

when using AP 70 i have 2 RF interfaces one for the 5Ghz and one for the 2.4 Ghz

is it the same for the AP 124 or not?

thnx in advance?

AP-124 antennas

On the AP-124, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz RF signals are diplexed on the same set of 3 antennas (both radios are 3x3 MIMO radios), so if you need coverage in both bands, you'll need to use dual-band antennas. Aruba offers several such antennas.

/Onno Harms
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Re: AP 124 Antenna



but what is the maximum dual band anttenna gain that aruba supports?

also is there any restriction on how to install the 3 antennae like the relative distance between each antenna , ......

thnx in advance

Re: AP 124 Antenna

The gain for the dual band antenna type would depend on what kind of coverage you need (omni, sector, downtilt omni, directional patch, etc).

In some cases, we have antennas with the three elements in one package, thus you would only need a single antenna to connect to all three connectors on the APs. When using single element antennas, the same spacing requirements apply (every odd 1/2 wavelength for spacing) AS WELL AS polarization. With 802.11n, polarization become more important for throughput speeds and efficiency.

Let us know what kind of application (omni, sector, downtilt, directional, etc) and I can help. Thanks!
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