Antenna for AP124

Hi All,
I want to use Antenna AP-ANT-92 with AP124. And I want to install lighting arrester (AP-LAR-1) as well. As this Antenna has 3 cable back to AP, how many lighting arrester for the access point. Do I need to purchase some other cable or connector to put them on? another question is how long the cable can be from antenna to AP?


Re: Antenna for AP124

You will need three lightning arrestors, one for each cable. As far as how long the cables can be, that is up to the type of cable you use and how many connectors there are, and what you require from a coverage perspective. Different type of LMR have different loss ratios per foot. LMR-600 looses less RF per foot than LMR-400, etc. The less loss per foot, the more the cable costs (LMR-600 is far more expensive than LMR-400, etc). As such, you need to determine your run length, and then from there calculate what your RF loss will be with each. Connector termination is also critical here are well, which is why pre-made cables are usually best. These cables ALSO have maximum bend radius values, so if you know you are going to have to go through conduit/EMT at sharp corners, then the thicker LMR-600 cables are likely out of the question.

How far are you planning on mounting the antenna from the AP? If we know that, we can calculate the loss across the cables from the AP to the antenna.
Jerrod Howard
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