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Aruba in Container environment

Have anyone here deployed Aruba in an container environment?
Attached is a sketch...
Is the wireless coverage able to penetrate into the container?

Re: Aruba in Container environment

I didn't see a sketch, but we do have wireless deployments on both the commercial and federal side in container environments. Typically though, we're not concerned with getting RF in to the containers, as much as we are dealing with coverage around the containers. In many cases, outdoor APs mounted on light poles with downtilt omnis are the best 'fit' for these environments.
Jerrod Howard
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Re: Aruba in Container environment

Are your containers metal? 2.4 gig does not like metal. I would say you are going to get very little to no rf penetration. I have seen where metal mesh in a plaster wall will not allow RF to transmit .
David Dipert
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