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We will be deploying an Aruba solution in factory environments that suffer from high interference in the 2.4 GHz band. This interference ranges from slight to extreme and includes all sorts of things from narrow and wide band of varying durations to the extreme of very high intensity across the whole band (screenshot below).

My design calls for all devices to run on 5 GHz band only, however in cases where the customer buys a load of devices with 2.4 GHz only, against this advice, what things can I do configuration wise to work around this interference.

I realise that in the extreme example, there's not much that can be done.

I know there are some good settings in Aruba that can be tweaked for things like this, but just wondering what suggestions other people have or what some of these tweaks actually do.


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Re: High Interference Environments

You can try to make sure that the interference is not directly between the clients and the access points, and that will improve your chances of success.

If these are AP105s, you can use the interference immunity setting, under the direction of Aruba support to help mitigate the interference.

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Re: High Interference Environments

Thanks Colin,

The survey was done pre-deployment, but

how do I check this and resolve if this is the case?

The interference is coming from a variety of machines and plant throughout the site. This can be welding equipment and other automated plant. They also assemble and test various rfid and RF systems, so the interference is sporadic and varied in nature. Generally only the 2.4 GHz band is affected.

In the case of the device pumping out the high levels in the screenshot, it is some sort of UV oven used in assembly/production of electronics components.

I've already told the customer that we will only offer a basic (not production ssid) 2.4 GHz coverage but any connection on this is unsupported and we cannot offer any form of SLA.

Anything else to keep in mind apart from the 'Interference Immunity' setting?


PS, They will be AP124, 125 & 105.

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