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Locking AP to Client

I need to ask if the certain AP can be locked to a specific channel in the “B” range id channel 1,6,11. I have three clients that need to locked to a specific AP these devices need to associate to the AP in their area not another area. The problem is there are three music rooms in a row each with an AP, the client controller in each room controls that room’s lights and curtains I need to lock the Client to the AP. Any ideas?
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Aruba Employee

Re: Locking AP to Client

You should go in and manually configure each AP independently, creating new RF and ARM profiles for these APs independent of the rest of your network. Take a look at Configuration > AP Configuration > AP Specific. You can add each AP and then change the settings on an AP level basis to only affect that AP. Just make sure you use good naming on your profiles, such as including your AP name in the profile, to help you remember what they are for.

Andy Logan, ACDX
Director, Strategic Account Solutions
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