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Non 802.11 Interference Immunity

good enening :

At wireless AP i found in 802.11g radio profile parameter called :
Non 802.11 Interference Immunity.
and options from level 1 to level 5.
what is meant by Non 802.11 Interference Immunity and its levels ??

thanks in advance.
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Re: Non 802.11 Interference Immunity

I am copying and pasting this directly from the user guide:

Set a value for 802.11 Interference Immunity. This parameter sets the interference
immunity on the 2.4 Ghz band.

The default setting for this parameter is level 2. When performance drops due to interference from non-802.11 interferers (such as DECT or Bluetooth devices), the level can be increased up to level 5 for improved performance. However, increasing the level makes the AP slightly “deaf” to its surroundings, causing the AP to lose a small amount of range.
The levels for this parameter are:

Level 0: no ANI adaptation.
Level 1: noise immunity only.
Level 2: noise and spur immunity.
Level 3: level 2 and weak OFDM immunity.
Level 4: level 3 and FIR immunity.
Level 5: disable PHY reporting.

You should only change this parameter if support directs you to do so.

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Re: Non 802.11 Interference Immunity

your answer is so clear thank you very much :D