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Roaming Delay


I have two active 105 APs, 65 feet away from each other.

15 clients are near and connected to AP1.

After moving all clients to the AP2 vicinity, we power off AP1 to force all clients to associate to AP2.

It appears that clients are taking too long to associate to AP2 (about 20 seconds)

Any suggestions on how to improve re-association speeds?

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Re: Roaming Delay

That may not be such a good roaming test. Most clients expect to still see both access points at certain levels before the carpet is pulled out from under them. A better roaming exercise would be to move a client further from one and closer to the other. In that way, the disassociation/association cycle is smoother, as opposed to a client that is still transmitting to an access point it still thinks is there.

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Re: Roaming Delay

I'm pretty sure roaming is a client decision. I've noticed xp is sticky and will hold on to a signal as long as it can before roaming. I haven't been able to make xp roam just because it sees a stronger signal. Or Vocera badges are set to roam when the snr drops below 20db and they do stay on an ap until that occurs.
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