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Windows Remote Desktop and wireless clients

I should begin this post by stating that this is not an Aruba problem as it appears to happen on any vendor's access point.
I am fairly certain I am dealing with a Windows XP "Feature" and am hoping that someone in this community has experienced the same thing and will have an answer for me.

I am trying to figure out why Windows Remote Desktop connections to a wireless computer initially connect and then after a short time (30 seconds or so) the connection fails. I assume this is somehow related to the computer going into a locked state locally when being accessed remotely. Does this cause the Wireless NIC to shut off?

Here is the scenario.
- Wireless client (Windows XP SP3) is connected to the WLAN and functioning properly.
- Help Desk initiates a Windows Remote Desktop session to remotely administer the wireless client.
- Help Desk successfully connects to and logs into the wireless client.
- Everything appears to function normally and then after about 30 Seconds, the wireless client appears to lock up. The desktop is still displayed and the mouse pointer moves but there is no response to any action.
- after another 30 seconds or so, the remote desktop session errors saying the connection was lost.
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Same problem with rdp

I have the same problem as above and want to highlight the issue. The problem occurs when we connect from a wired computer to a wireless computer. Windows XP SP3. We lose the connection after 20-30 seconds.

Are there any values you can check inside the Aruba or what could it be?
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Technet Article

Please check out the Technet Article here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/network/dd727529.aspx

" Q. Do Remote Desktop connections work to Windows wireless clients that use 802.1X authentication?
A. Not at this time. All 802.1X-based wireless connections are affected, including those using EAP-TLS or PEAP-MS-CHAP v2. Connections using a static WEP key or WPA-PSK are not affected. Microsoft has addressed this issue in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008."

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